Sunday, April 21, 2024

Dancer Digest

 ©2024 - Wayne Johnston

The “Dancer Digest” publication started in April 2017. This was an effort to reach all the Square
and Round Dancers and Cloggers in San Diego County about events that are happening in the
dance community. There are Event Calendars, Flyers, General Information about the clubs
and Associations, and Future Events. This publication is privately owned and distributed by
Wayne Johnston as a free publication, available by email and posted on the internet to be downloaded as a PDF file. As a part of this Publication, a Bulletin Board is posted, daily,
to provide updates to the “Dancer Digest”.

This Publication is sent every month to a "List" of people 
who have requested that it be emailed to them.  If you're not on the list
and would like to be, email your name along with your email address to:

To get the PDF of this Document, use this LINK:

Bulletin Board

April 22nd